Think you’re protected?
Think again.

A cybersecurity webinar from BAI

A conversation with an FBI Special Agent

RECORDED: April 13, 2021
TIME: 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT

The fraudsters are finding ways to create new schemes every day. Are you keeping up? With cybersecurity an ever-present concern in financial services, you need to know that you are up-to-date on what the fraudsters are up to.

Join us for a conversation with cybersecurity expert FBI Special Agent Eric Brelsford where he’ll provide insight into the latest schemes impacting financial services organizations today. In this complimentary webinar, you’ll see real examples of perpetrated fraud and learn ways to prevent cybersecurity breaches for your organization.

Key takeaways:

  • How to identify and prevent the latest cybersecurity attacks
  • Best practice recommendations for keeping the criminals out of your business
  • What to do to help your customers protect their accounts

You’ll learn what you need to know to help protect your organization and your customers.


Eric Brelsford
Special Agent

FBI Special Agent Eric Brelsford has 18 years of experience with the FBI specializing in cyber-crime investigations. Agent Brelsford is currently assigned to the FBI Chicago Field Office’s criminal computer intrusion squad. During this time, Agent Brelsford has been the lead investigator on a variety of cyber investigations for example ransomware, data breaches, cyber extortion, financial account takeover, payment card fraud, malware distribution, botnet operations, and denial of service attacks.


Karl Dahlgren
Managing Director

Karl joined BAI in 2014 with more than 20 years of experience in the banking, payments and software industries. He leads the BAI Research business and product development for the enterprise. Karl previously ran BAI’s Learning & Development business. His background includes leadership roles with ABN AMRO North America and a technology start-up in the payments industry.