Live Demonstration Webinar

Using API-enabled, open banking digital platforms to create meaningful interactions

RECORDED: December 9, 2020
TIME: 1:00 - 1:45 PM CT

Digital has moved beyond the realm of self-service. Today, it can – and should – allow your financial institution to offer personal, human-centered service that puts the customer or member first.

Learn how API-enabled, open banking digital platforms make it possible to offer instantly usable and extremely fast applications thanks to a unified design and approach – one platform using a single API gateway. Your customers experience immediate accessibility, while your employees get cloud-based, core-connected tools to offer service at the moment of need.

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to hear digital insights from industry-leaders Ben Metz and Scott Wittrock and experience a live coding demonstration using the Banno Digital Toolkit, showing how your financial institution can harness the power of plugins and an open API to provide digital banking on a first-name basis.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how financial institutions can reclaim their competitive advantage on service and trust in the age of digital transformation by strategically differentiating their digital offerings from megabanks, big techs and fintechs.
  • Community financial institutions no longer need to wait for their core providers to build integrations with fintechs and other partners – the power to integrate and innovate is in their own hands. Learn how open banking makes it easier and faster for financial institutions to go to market with competitive and relevant digital solutions.
  • Discover why digital as a self-service channel is a thing of the past, and how your digital platform can provide personal, human-centered service that meets your customer or member at their moment of need.

Ben Metz
Senior Managing Director, Digital
Jack Henry & Associates

Ben is an entrepreneur and technologist with a deep technical background in building large scale systems in highly regulated industries. Ben wrote the first lines of code that would become Banno, built the subsequent engineering, operations, design and product teams and was CTO when Banno was acquired by Jack Henry & Associates in 2014. Ben is now Sr. Managing Director of Digital, providing overall direction and guidance for all things digital inside JHA. Ben lives in Waterloo, Iowa with his wife and three boys. When he is not at work, he enjoys music, art, computer science, artificial intelligence, data science and physics.

Scott Wittrock
Senior Technical Project Manager
Jack Henry & Associates

Scott is a product manager and developer on a mission to help Jack Henry’s partner financial institutions build creative and beneficial digital solutions. Driven by a longstanding love of technology and development, Scott has built products for a wide variety of use cases, including consumer engagement through augmented reality, productivity, business and marketing solutions, investment management, and enhanced retail experiences. Along with his work at Jack Henry & Associates as Sr. Technical Project Manager for the Digital Toolkit, he also teaches part-time and tutors students learning full stack web development at the University of Pennsylvania. Scott lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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