BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Banks are pushing back against the surge in fraud

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As fraudsters find new ways to steal, financial institutions need new methods to combat the latest scams. BAI explores ways to stem the growth of banking-related fraud in our latest Executive Report, “Banks are pushing back against the surge in fraud.”

Articles in this report include:

Fraud fighters secure digital banking’s weakest links
Cybersecurity success depends on three factors: people, passwords and apps.

Playing the long game
A growing trend in bank account takeover is copying customer behaviors to get around safeguards.

The 411 on mobile phone fraud
With device-based scams on the rise, banks need to take steps to protect their customers — and themselves.

Staying one step ahead
Amid increasingly sophisticated scams, financial institutions need to understand their fraud risks and how to reduce them.

How banks can close the fraud knowledge gap
Educating consumers about the potential dangers helps keep them safe, and it also protects the industry.

Protecting customers from themselves
As social engineering scams proliferate, financial institutions must adopt new strategies to combat fraud and maintain trust.

Don’t forget about check fraud
The clear trend is toward digital, but payments using paper still represent a big chunk of the market.

Unplugging the credit-washing machine
Scams to boost scores cause significant losses for banks and consumers alike — and the financial system is ill-equipped to fix it.