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Minimizing Customer Friction During a
Change Event

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Financial services organizations have undergone many change events in the past couple years, from digital platform upgrades to mergers and acquisitions. These events can create friction points for customers. As banking organizations look to grow and retain their customer base, minimizing friction has become increasingly important.

In this one-page Q&A, Terri Panhans from Vericast offers insightful answers to these questions:

  • What type of events create the most significant customer friction for banks and credit unions?
  • What's driving those type of events in today's marketplace?
  • What can financial institutions do to best minimize or mitigate the risks associated with those friction-causing events?
  • What is a common blind spot when preparing for a conversion?
  • What's the biggest opportunity coming out of a successful conversion?

Terri Panhans
Vice President of Contact Center Solutions

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