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Digital Advertising’s Role in Account Acquisition

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Robert Ropars is a senior solutions advisor of digital and engagement solutions. Stephenie Williams is the vice president of financial institution marketing product and strategy. They discuss how banks and credit unions can effectively promote their services to consumers in the right place, at the right time, in a seamless, noninvasive manner.

They share valuable answers to these timely questions:

  • How have changes in consumer behavior affected the role of digital in the acquisition space?
  • What is Connected TV or CTV?
  • How can you use different digital channels to create a connected digital campaign?
  • Now that you've reached these consumers, how do you maximize the return on your digital campaign?

Robert Ropars
Senior Solutions Advisor of Digital and Engagement Solutions
Harland Clarke

Stephenie Williams
Vice President of Financial Institution Marketing Product and Strategy
Harland Clarke

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