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Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital marketers are navigating an increasingly challenging landscape. First, as inflation erodes budgets, organizations look for ways to trim expenses. Too often, marketing becomes a convenient target.

The second challenge is navigating the dichotomy between relevance and privacy. In other words, how can banks and credit unions target consumers with relevant digital advertising while respecting their privacy?

Bank marketers should know how to address these challenges. Serving as a helpful guide, Robert Ropars answers these questions:

  • What are some non-traditional digital marketing channels that financial institutions should use to reach their customers and prospects?
  • What can financial institutions learn from other industries to improve their digital marketing?
  • How should banks monitor and quantify the ROAS of their digital advertising?
  • What should banks consider as web consumer privacy changes go into effect?

Robert Ropars
Senior Account Executive, Digital

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