BAI Deep Dive:

Redefining banking customer centricity through an integrated omnichannel experience

The hybrid consumer has changed the role of the banker, indefinitely. Financial institutions are reimagining their business models to focus on meeting the ever-changing needs of their customers through digital transformation projects. The speed required for such projects often means customer data is left fragmented through various applications, preventing financial institutions from creating an end-to-end omnichannel experience.

Financial institutions need a powerful yet flexible option to meet the needs of their hybrid consumers. Find out how Temenos Infinity offers flexibility and simplicity for financial institutions as they continue to face complex, unpredictable, and unique needs.

During this showcase, Temenos demonstrates the power of an integrated platform experience that is agile and efficient while putting your customers at the center of every digital banking function.

Temenos provides their view on how banks could solve the following key challenges:

  • Delivering hyper-personalized and automated experiences at scale
  • Enabling customer-facing employees to provide value in every customer interaction
  • Advising complex products with the data to guide customers towards the most relevant solutions
  • Leveraging analytics and AI to make the most of existing data within the bank
  • Building trust while meeting revenue targets

Luis Landivar
VP, Business Solutions Group

Álvaro Pariente Alonso
Global Infinity GTM Director

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