BAI Deep Dive:

The platform is part of the revolution is redefining how community financial institutions interact with prospective and current customers. In this demonstration, you will see how the platform allows community financial institutions to gain a unique, real-time view of their customers and prospects using multifactor data sources and the machine learning engine that powers the platform. This combination of big data and AI gives your institution the ability to dynamically segment prospects and customers while automating the creation of content that speaks directly to their unique needs.

As you will learn, the platform can start delivering a return on your investment in weeks (not months!) without requiring the hiring of specialists, creating distractions across your organization, and impacting your existing legacy systems. The capabilities of the platform go beyond personalization by allowing community financial institutions to create a singular and highly relevant digital experience for each person. The revolution has begun. Want to join?


Craig McLaughlin
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Ryan
Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer

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