BAI Deep Dive:

Transforming customer experiences to be digital-first

Customer expectations are evolving, and so should your service delivery model. Understanding how you can best serve your customers at their exact time of need is critical.

Evolving your customer service delivery doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to address your customers’ needs quickly, seamlessly, and in the medium of their choice. Whether you’re offering self-service, online chat, OnScreen voice, or video, connecting with your customers at the point of need will greatly improve the customer experience. Transforming to digital customer service empowers representatives to focus on high-value interactions while enabling technology to take care of the rest.

During this session, you will hear why over 250 financial institutions have trusted Glia with their digital customer service needs. Glia shows you how to offer seamless digital communication regardless of whether your customers engage via chat, SMS, voice, or video.


Rick DeLisi
Lead Research Analyst

John Fernandez
SVP of Marketing

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