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BAI Deep Dive:

Fraud Prevention & Cybersecurity

March 23-27, 2020

This complimentary, week-long series of dedicated content focused on the key issues surrounding fraud prevention and cybersecurity.

Providing an excellent customer experience while also protecting customer accounts and information from fraudulent activities is a challenging balance act. Too much friction and customers become annoyed. Too little friction and both customers and financial services organizations are more vulnerable to financial losses. How do you strike the right balance? What are the biggest current and emerging fraud and cybersecurity threats? And what tools and technologies can help you minimize risk for your organization?

Here's a recap of the week's highlights and actionable insights.

  • Video: Minimizing losses while providing a great customer experience
  • Articles
    • How community banks can avoid being targets for cyber crooks
    • COVID-19 puts scams on the rise at financial institutions
    • Bankers beware: Deepfake technology is ever more real
  • Demo videos
    • Know your customer: A user-friendly game changer
    • A mobile strategy to manage fraud
    • Protecting Zelle instant P2P payments
  • Podcast: Working to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals
  • White papers
    • Balancing fraud detection and the customer experience
    • Looking to the horizon: The future of risk in banking
    • Why your bank is better off with fewer fraud alerts
    • Omni-channel payments fraud – demanding new security solutions
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