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BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report: Wealth Management for Retirement

Since the end of the financial crisis, banks have struggled with constricted growth in key areas, such as net interest income and fee income. In an effort to find new sources of growth, many large institutions have turned to wealth management services, since they already have access to high-income customers with investable assets.

Yet, this business also has its challenges, as we explore in this BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report entitled, “Wealth Management for Retirement.”

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Tackling Compliance with the New Fiduciary Rule
The Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule will bring major changes in how financial institutions work with wealth management clients.

Wooing Deposit Customers for Wealth Management
As banks battle investment firms for potential wealth management customers, many find that their best option is promoting these investment services to their existing deposit customers.

Serving the Younger Generation in Wealth Management
While bank wealth management groups may not find their younger clients to be profitable initially, working with them is important for the future.