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BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report: Evolution of the Branch

The banking world finds itself in the midst of technological changes unparalleled in human history. In this BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report, “Evolution of the Branch,” we examine close up both the compelling branch changes already afoot and those peeking over the horizon.

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Branch Workforce Evolution Powered by Advanced Analytics
Analytics strikes the balance between containing costs and fostering employee excellence.

Futuristic Branches Depend on the Future Skills of Employees
When developing new branches, banks must consider employee hiring and retraining issues as much as they think about technology and building design.

Branching Out, Reaching Out
Banks large and small are rethinking physical retail delivery. But rather than just work with decreased spaces and increased tech, forward-thinking institutions are taking a more considered, human approach to branch updates.

Branch Banking 2026: From Robots in the Lobby to Personal Tellers on Campus
Staring 10 years down the road, seven experts offer their visions of what bank branches will look like.