BAI Deep Dive:

Digital Acceleration

March 16-18, 2021

This complimentary, three-day series of on-demand content provides fresh insights on digital acceleration within the financial services industry.

The pandemic shifted digital transformation into high gear. Banks and credit unions moved quickly to adapt. To meet and exceed customers’ new digital expectations, financial institutions are now focused on maintaining that momentum.

BAI’s latest Deep Dive series will share insights on how financial services organizations can strengthen their strategy and grow within the industry’s accelerated digital tempo.

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Tuesday, March 16

  • Panel discussion: Larry McClanahan, chief product officer at NYMBUS; Tom Ormseth, EVP of digital channels at Wintrust Financial; and Karl Dahlgren, managing director of research at BAI, share insights on creating a strong customer experience, personalization and the mix of digital and physical in the “new normal” in a conversation led by Holly Hughes, chief marketing officer at BAI.
  • Solutions demo: "Transform your customer and employee experience" from Bold360 by LogMeIn
  • White paper: "A digital acceleration success story: A case study" from Jack Henry

Wednesday, March 17

  • Podcast: Jim Baxley, executive director of global market strategy at nCino, discusses “micro-transformations,” a strategy that helps banks and credit unions make big impacts quickly. Terry Badger, managing editor at BAI, hosts this conversation.
  • Solutions demo: "End-to-end fraud prevention" from NICE Actimize
  • White paper: "Digital acceleration and the customer journey" from Equifax

Thursday, March 18

  • Presentation: Digital banking expert Chris Skinner presents “Banking in 2030: A look back from the future.” Hear what Chris has to say about what the next decade could bring and challenge your thinking on what banking might look like.
  • White paper: “The future of CX is already here” from Relay Network

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