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BAI Banking Strategies - Executive Report

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The latest executive report gets to the bottom of deposit growth as the financial services industry enters the last quarter of 2019. The highlights include a column from BAI managing director Karl Dahlgren, who shares new findings from the BAI Banking Outlook survey. These paint a clear picture of the top reason direct banks are winning deposits: convenience.
Other topics covered include medical patient lending, financial solutions to improve check clearance speed, and the innovation banks can undertake for deposit growth in the face of shrinking margins and Federal Reserve interest cuts.

Articles in this report include:

Direct banks, deposit growth and market domination
BAI research shows why direct banks are winning the deposit battle and what consumers want.

How patient lending grows healthy deposits
Innovative new services for health systems can reinvigorate lending institutions.

Account ability: Deposit growth gears up for 2020
Rate cuts are hardly enough to cut banks from innovation in making deposit growth.

Helping consumers clear the check clearing hurdle
Financial solutions should match consumers’ new spending habits.

Winning the SMB deposit game: Technology leads the charge
Smart tech expands the digital footprint of community banks—putting them in play to win underserved small business.