BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report



takes on new urgency

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, bank customers and credit union members are turning to their institution’s digital services more than ever. Whether you’re planning enhancements or a full-on transformation in response, the insights contained in the newest BAI Executive Report will help your organization exceed expectations.

Articles in this report include:

Think, work and act differently—not just digitally
Don’t fall into the trap of launching a digital transformation effort that fails to actually transform.

Five questions to answer before starting a digital transformation
We ask bank tech experts to weigh in on what top leaders need to know up front.

The advantages of intelligent engagement
Six tenets to guide your customer-centric digital transformation efforts.

Optimize your customer experience in 4 steps
Mapping every interaction of your customer’s journey can reveal critical gaps.

Think you know how the generations like to bank? Think again.
Baby Boomers can surprise with their embrace of financial technology, while Gen Z is showing some old-fashioned preferences.

Digital transformation lessons banks can learn from the retail industry
It starts with keeping the customer experience top of mind.