BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Community Banking:
Tackling challenges

in changing times

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Relaxed federal regulations under the Dodd-Frank have freed up resources and created possibilities, while a brief reprieve in the pace of mergers and acquisitions could produce steadiness or even modest growth in the sector. Loan marketing success and hyper-targeting affinity groups also hold keys to robust local bank performance.
In this executive report, the present and future of community banks are addressed from a number of critical angles.

Articles in this report include:

    • Rolling with the Dodd-Frank rollback
    • From comply to apply: How to find major value in CECL compliance data
    • Community banks at the crossroads
    • Regulatory reform and the new norm: The top three potential benefits
      for community banks
    • Three ways community banks can trigger loan marketing success
    • For community banks, a call to interaction
    • The new era of managing digital relationship engagement