BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Fraud and cybersecurity: Staying steps ahead

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Cybercrime and fraud incidents have swelled to record numbers, even as banks fight to keep up with the resourcefulness and digital weaponry of hackers. But there is good news: The vagueness that once surrounded these issues is turning into clarity, thanks to the combined efforts of industry thought leaders and cybersecurity experts. This executive report pegs today’s five leading sources of fraud, while taking a closer look at keeping data safe, new forms of cybercrime and the steps needed to bolster fraud detection.

Articles in this report include:

High-tech wrecking balls: The five biggest cyber threats to banks in 2018
From state-backed hackers to call center cracks, the threats have multiplied in sophistication and number. But smart banks can fight back.

Keeping customer data safe from abuse—and safe to use
The jump in breach headlines highlights the hazards banks face. But processed correctly and protected vigilantly, customer data benefits all.

Checks, endorsed: Why check writers are more important (and valuable) than ever
Checks might seem quaint in a digital age. But the customers who write buy more products and boast more loyalty.

Hacked together: How crooks create one fake person from many real people
Identity fraud hit record levels in 2017. But with dollar amounts flat, thieves are working a new angle stolen straight from a horror flick.

Detect, protect, perfect: Eight steps to supercharge your fraud detection techniques
Fast-moving digital crime has investigators hanging by a thread. The time has come to knit together strong detection and best business practices.