BAI Webinar

Retaining and gaining customers in the “next normal”

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RECORDED: July 14, 2020
TIME: 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT

The global coronavirus pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of consumer life — not the least of which being personal finances. In fact, some 34 percent of Americans only have enough savings to cover three months of expenses1.

A high unemployment rate and economic uncertainty have prompted consumers to evaluate which service relationships truly provide value to them — and which they’ll leave behind in their transition to the "next normal."

What does all this mean?
It means that a financial institution’s ability to thrive and drive loyalty in these times will lie in its ability to reach consumers — proactively and reactively — with the products and services that address their needs of the moment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Are you prepared for business in the "next normal?"
  • What will your customers need, what can you offer them and how can you grow the relationship as they reorganize their finances?
  • Are there particular consumer profiles that you should acquire that will help you weather similar economic crises in the future?

1 John W. Schoen and Crystal Mercedes, “Americans expect to burn through their savings quickly, survey finds,” April 2, 2020


Stephenie Williams
Executive Director, Acquisition Solutions
Harland Clarke

Stephenie Williams is the Executive Director of Acquisition Solutions for Harland Clarke. Twenty plus years of progressively responsible experience in direct marketing, strategic planning, product management, vendor management, retail communications, project management, advertising agency relations, supervision and promotions in the financial services, retail and automotive industries. She has demonstrated success in creating business cases to sell ideas, managing, inspiring organizational change and enhancing organizational communication practices.

Traci DeGolier
VP Analytics & Business Intelligence
Harland Clarke

Traci DeGolier is the Vice President of Data Analytics for Harland Clarke. She’s spent a long and successful career at Harland Clarke, starting as a process analyst in the credit union division in 2001 and working her way over the last nineteen years to her current leadership position. Her contributions in various strategic analytics roles enable Traci to serve Harland Clarke in a way few can; through aligning corporate strategy to business metrics, leveraging data from multiple data sources to present more complete information to facilitate decision making, and creating consistent methodologies across Harland Clarke solutions for measurement of customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, media mix and profitability.